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Day 1

admin/ January 30, 2017/ Business Diary/ 0 comments

Today is an important day for me  – as PinPep launches our media assignment business.  We are looking forward to providing photographers and videographers to PR agencies, brands, event organisers, charities and editorial clients in the months and years ahead. I apologise, but I am going to start this blog by boring you with a bit of personal history – In many ways rather than me finding photography, photography found me – I came to London twenty years ago to find work as a sports journalist – I really just wanted to get paid to watch football matches!  I did find a job researching and writing business reports about the post-production industry, to be honest, it was not enough to keep the mind alive.  I saw in advert in the Media Guardian (it used to be the go to place for media job adverts) for a Picture Librarian at a Sports Photographic Agency – seemed like a strange job – but importantly it was in sport. I spent three months trying to identify sportsmen and sportswomen on images captured on little 35mm slides, captioning them and filing them away – it was probably even more mind-numbing work than researching the rapidly declining post-production industry.  But the amazing photography I was looking at on a daily basis ignited something within me.  It is a cliche but a picture really does tell a thousand words. Luckily I was saved from a life of filing photographs by the boss of the agency, who approached me one

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